Produced for VERSE: Holocaust survivor Emerich Roth's view on rise of right-wing extremism.

Surviving years in concentration camps during the second world war Emerich, 94, has devoted the latter part of his life to battle the question of how to prevent violence in society and individually. In this video he explains how to help those who hate and informs us on the importance to sympathetically give attention to those who can intimidate the most.
Throughout the latter part of his life he has lectured in schools about why and how violence occurs and what we can do to prevent it. As a former social worker he has also counselled "haters" out of destructive behaviours.

Produced for VERSE Stories.

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Exploring contemporary & modern dance in a brief version of a bigger project that is yet to be produced.


Collection of photography from India in black and white. All from April-May 2017.


In the archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. May 2016.